Saturday, December 23, 2006

The stocking situation

This is one of my most favorite recent Christmas stories... and one of Gary's least favorite. LOL! I think it's so cute; I'm not sure why he doesn't...

Expectations... we all have these expectations of what Christmas will be like from year to year, and our first married Christmas was no different. Gary and I had talked about Christmases growing up, and determined that nearly all of our traditions were very similar if not the same! WHEW! What a relief.

So Christmas morning came in our tiny little apartment, with our meager little tree and a few presents waiting to be opened. It was so fun and quiet. Then it was time to open the stockings... one of the most anticipated part for both of us growing up! My mom was always so good at finding the most special little trinkets for my sisters and I - yummy chapstick, cute little pads of paper, fun pens, earrings... girly stuff. Frivilous, fun, fancy-free kind of stuff! As I began opening my stocking, I was so completely disappointed.






Barely married three months, was I to take this as a personal hygiene hint?! I thought it was a joke.

But imagine Gary's surprise as he opened his stocking only to find golf balls, golf tees, new pens, nails, and other manly fun-type things. His disappointment? He was fully expecting - and hoping for! - toiletries.

In an O. Henry kind of twist, we both looked at each other in stunned silence before realizing that we failed to iron out the details of some of our lifelong traditions. After getting over our initial shock, we were able to giggle about it, although I think we both secretly longed for our mom's special stocking touch.

So now, we've merged our traditions and do a little bit of both the practical and the fun. My girls have both toothbrushes and Tinkerbell stickers in their stockings this year. And I wouldn't want it any other way!

Although... sometimes I do wonder if Gary just raids my cabinet upstairs. :)


  1. love the stocking story. It's funny and cute! Nice Christmas story.My mom too, always knew just what to put in our stockings.

  2. That's such a cute story!


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