Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I gave my girls baths tonight. I just LOVE watching them play in the tub together. Yes, there are moments that give me headaches, but the moments when they make each other laugh are the ones I live for. There is nothing more precious than the sound of their giggles. Anyway... after I got them all squeaky clean and smelling yummy, it was time for jammies and hair brushing. I started brushing Emma's hair and it was a wee bit tangled, and she said, "Ow! Mommy, be gentle. I'm fragile." Yes, Emma, you are!

I want to remember that she's fragile all the time. I think sometimes I'm not careful with my words or tone or even my hands. Of course I don't hurt her or even think about hurting her in any way, but I just want to be a more gentle person. I catch myself speaking in such harsh tones sometimes. Or speaking quickly and thoughtlessly to her without care. Or literally pushing her aside when something else needs my attention. How can I be this way? She knows without a doubt that I love her and would do anything for her, I just don't want there to be any room for question, ever. Lord, please help me to remember that Emma is YOURS, and is fragile. Every part of her! Her cute little body, her tender heart, and her fragile spirit. Even her tangled hair. :)

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  1. Awwww. So true. So true. I sometimes catch myself doing or saying something that isn't the best and remind myself that years from now Savannah and Josiah will only have their memories of me. What kind of memories do I want to give them? It stops me in my tracks and makes me re-evaluate my words and actions.


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