Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Runny's demise

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The girls really want American Girl dolls. They've wanted them for years. But we've told them repeatedly that they need to prove to us first that they can take good care of the toys they already have. And they're really trying.

But when you have a Brody brother, it gets a lot harder.

This morning I was getting Emma ready for school, and looked down to see this when I went to grab a ribbon for her hair:

That's Hazy. Or Runny. I'm not sure what his current name is since Emma changes it frequently. (And "Runny" is because he runs. Which coincidentally is my nose's name right now. What? You don't name your nose?)

I found Runny hanging out in this pocket, which is good since I'd been looking for him. I'd had him sitting on the bathtub drying out so I could wash him, when he vanished. I was worried about where I'd find him next.

Drying out?

Oh yeah. Because yesterday, thanks to Brody, I found Runny here:

Poor Runny. Maybe he and Ken can go to toy counseling together.

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