Monday, September 13, 2010

Lotsa love - small space

Something mundane and ordinary made me really happy earlier today. It's the simple things, isn't it?

This afternoon, we were all doing our own thing when a loud rumble and *THUD* disrupted the peace in our home. Gary, Addie, Brody and I each rushed from where we were, to the stairs where we heard Emma crying. (Chloe was napping, or she would probably have accompanied me on my trip to the stairs.)

Emma had slipped coming down the stairs from her room and slid down half the staircase, hitting her head, and bruising her bum. She wasn't hurt at all; she was mostly just scared and maybe got the wind knocked out of her a little bit.

We hurried to her side, because the sound of her fall was loud enough to startle us, and we were all relieved to see that she was fine. As the others consoled her, I looked at each member of my family and was so proud of the concern and love they had for Emma. It just made my heart so happy. Within a minute or two, Emma was smiling, laughing, and had maybe even forgotten about her tumble.

And like he's teased so many times before, Gary threw his hands up in the air and complained, "we have this whole house and yet, our entire family is taking up three square feet of space!" It was true - the five of us (Chloe was still napping through all the frivolity), were spread between just two or three steps. We couldn't have been closer together. He jokes about it when we're all squeezed on to one couch cushion or snuggled up on one side of the bed or dog-piling on the floor. We all laughed and I snapped a mental picture of all of us crowded onto the third and fourth steps.

I mean, personal space? Who needs it?

I love our family.


  1. I love this, Angie! Wouldn't have it any other way, huh! :)

  2. We've had so many times this summer where Corey and I would look at each other over the dinner table, with UTTER CHAOS swirling around us, and we would smile and someone would say, "I love our family."

    I get it. It's crazy but oh-so-good.

  3. It is always amazing to me how that happens to us! I find that mornings are when it happens the most. When the little ones are in need of a snuggle or two.



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