Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New friends

Today I played hooky and didn't go to Bible Study. (*gasp!*) I'm a little behind now, and playing catch up when it comes to Beth Moore isn't always an easy task, but the trade off was worth it!

I went down to Littleton to meet some bloggy friends! It was so fun. I was a little nervous, because I really didn't know most of them, and had only spoken to one on the phone a few times. I'm not generally a shy person, but that's only after you've gotten to know me. At first, I feel like I'm very shy and reserved and not myself. I'm working on it though. My sister Amy was supposed to come along, but woke up sick, so I was really on my own!

I realized at the end of my hour-long drive that I'd forgotten to bring along the directions to Joanne's house. I didn't figure it was a huge problem, because I could just look her up and mapquest her, right? Nope - unlisted. So, I hopped in my car after I dropped off the girls at my mom's house, and said to God, "Okay, Lord. Drive my car! I have no idea where I'm going!" The truth was, I had an idea, but really, it's a miracle that I drove straight there. I was surprised, but not really, because God's cool and does things like that. :)

Okay, so anyway, I met six new friends today and had the best time. Joanne served a delicious lunch and we lost track of time talking away the afternoon. I honestly felt like I was having lunch with old friends that I've known forever. I guess when you have a sisterhood in the Lord, friendship just comes naturally!

(Joanne, I took this from your blog. I hope that's okay!) In the back (L-R) is Joanne and Meredith. In the front (L-R) is Kate, Holly, me, and Kimberly. Kerry had to leave early, so she's not in the picture. (Photo taken by Meredith's daughter, Abbey!)


In other bloggy news... I've won a blog award! I'd like to thank Joanne for giving me the Daily Dose award. I'd give it right back to ya if I could! But since you have it, I'll pass it on to a few of the many blogs I visit everyday who haven't already received this prestigious award themselves!

Amy... okay, yes, I go here everyday, but sista! Update your blog already!
Cheryl... a blog friend who feels like a "real life" friend.
Kathleen... my BFF since 3rd grade whose unique perspective on life ALWAYS has me in stitches. I might be bad at commenting, Sunny, but I stop by several times a day. I miss you!
Michelle... a best friend who might as well be a sister. I'd miss you even more if it weren't for your blog!

Okay girls, don't revel in the win for too long. You have to pass it along! (But if you don't, it's fine by me. I know how you feel about these silly blog things, Kath. *wink*)


  1. Had the best time today. Was so great meeting you. I know about the shy stuff...I try to work through it myself, but it just doen't happen that easily. :)
    I'll come around more often and check up on you now that I know you.
    Many blessings,

  2. It was so fun to meet you too! I didn't realize you skipped Bible study to come though...oops! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    Love and blessings,

  3. Yay! What a fun day it was...and I was so excited to meet you in person, Angie! What an honor it is to be your for-real friend :)

    Praying for you, Sister!

  4. Sounds like a fun lunch! I'm so glad you got to go.

    And you didn't throw up while you were there! Gooooo Angie!

    Now go catch up on your Bible study. If you're doing a Beth Moore study (which one, by the way), it should only take you about four hours to get through the make-up work.

  5. Congratulations on your award!

    How fun that you got to meet some bloggy friends!! Sounds like you had a great time!

  6. This is my 2nd attempt at responding to your post. Hopefully this time it will work.

    Sounds like you all had an awesome time. I met Meredith 3 years ago when I flew into Colorado and we attended the same Captivating retreat. She's awesome isn't she?

    I understand what you are talking about in regards to meeting people who you've met over the internet, to find that it feels like you've known them forever. It kinda gives you a glimpse of heaven doesn't it.

    Don't worry about missing your Bible study. It sounds to me like you were right where you were supposed to be.


  7. Ah, you know me so well. LOL. How can I ever think the award silly--I'm honored. Seriously!

    I miss you too, and I stop by to get my daily dose from you all the time.

    Sending you much love,
    Sunny, Kath, Kathleen :)


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