Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Emma's prayer

Okay, this has to be quick because I'm tired and sick as a dog. But I didn't want to forget what Emma prayed about tonight. I haven't laughed so hard in so long!

I went up to her room for the FOURTH time to tuck her in, and she asked if we could pray. Well, of course! I mean, yes, it was a stall tactic (man, she's good), but how could I turn down such a request? So we sat on the edge of her bed, and she said she wanted to take turns.

She started...

"Dear Mommy..."

"Um, no Emma, it's dear God."

"Oh yeah. Dear GOD! ..."

We prayed for me to get better, we prayed for Addie to not cry so much, we prayed for Papa Bob, we prayed for Emma to stay healthy, we prayed for her nose (because she had an owie on it about 2 weeks ago, you know), we prayed for all that we have. I started to pray for Daddy to do well in school when she interrupted me because SHE wanted to pray for Daddy in school...

"Please let Daddy do good in school. Please let Daddy listen to his teacher. Please let Daddy go potty at school and wipe and flush and wash his hands..."

I cannot even remember what came next, because I was laughing so hard, trying with all my might to keep it silent even though it made my headache 5,000 times worse. I quickly wrapped it up, kissed her goodnight and went downstairs to laugh some more. Gary got a good laugh when he got home too.

So I guess all of those threats during the potty training days really did sink in. We kept telling her that if she wants to go to school like a big girl, she had to go potty. Well, good thing Daddy is potty trained!

I have some more Emma-isms to blog about, so when I'm back up to par, I'll do it. :)


  1. That's awesome, Angie, I was totally laughing reading that...she is hilarious. I'm sorry to hear you are sick, I hope you get better real soon. Can't wait to read more on your blog...I look every day. :-)

  2. Too cute!!!!! Hope you feel better soon! (pea Jill_Ilene)


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