Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Being a friend... being a mom

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with a blog! I'm going to try to be more consistent now though. A few things have slowed down around here with the year ending, and I'm really hoping to get into a routine. I have all these things I want to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis... right now I'm trying to figure out a way to get my life a little more organized! More to come about that... stay tuned.

Well! My first in-real-life friend is now reading my blog. Hi Michelle! I felt rather anonymous before since the only people who even knew about my blog were people who would find the link from my message boards, or my on-line mom friends. But I'm so happy that Michelle knows about my really exciting blog now. I hope it gives you a giggle every once in awhile!

Speaking of Michelle, I got to spend a few hours with her and another friend today and we had a GREAT time. We did the yuppie mom thing and pushed our strollers around the mall with kids in tow, stopping at Orange Julius to end the day. SO FUN. With six kids all 2 and under, it was a little chaotic at times, but those kiddos were troopers. I wish I did that kind of thing more... I "know" so many other moms, but I don't know if I'm really qualified to call them friends. I don't feel like I'm a good friend. I always feel really intimidated to call people, because I think that they probably don't want to talk with me or hang out with me. I know that's probably not true, but it keeps me from reaching out to girls I'd really love to know better. I call all of these girls my friends, but I rarely see them or talk to them outside of an organized kind of setting (MOPS, church, etc.). I'm really going to work on reaching out and learning how to "befriend" and be a better friend to people. I think I forget that friendship takes work - it's not like we're in school anymore and will just naturally spend lots of time together to grow those deep friendships. You have to work at it. I love the friendship that Michelle and I have... we seem to be able to pick up wherever we left off, even when it's been weeks (or months!) between talking or seeing eachother. It's effortless, and yet there's still sooo much friendship yet to discover! I love it. And Michelle, I'm not just writing this because you might read it someday... I just sort of spewed. That can't surprise you though! :)

Well! I got way side-tracked. What I keep meaning to blog about so I don't forget are a few short little Emma stories. That way I won't forget them.

Short Nap: Over the weekend, Gary's folks were visiting and Margaret was putting Emma down for a nap. She had on jeans and a top - nothing special. I think it was late in the day, so Margaret told her, "You're just going to take a short nap, okay?" Well, nothing gets by Emma. She immediately hopped out of bed to change into shorts. Afterall, she was taking a SHORT nap, right? She cracks me up.

Ms. Understood: (Didja like that, Cam?) Also over the weekend, I had a bout of some 24-hour bug that caused me to throw up a couple of times. Yuck. Well, as a result, I felt all achy and hurty. Yes, hurty. Anyway, we were all eating lunch the next day and Margaret asked how I was feeling, and I said that my whole body hurt. Later that day, Emma grabbed my crotch (!) and said, "Potty hurt, mom?" I almost died laughing. It was just as funny the second time... and still pretty darn funny the third!

Here are a couple of cute pictures from Mother's Day. One of Addie's toes in my flowers... her toes are perfect and so sweet. The other one is my mom and dad with the girls. I wish I would've gotten one with my mom and ME and my girls. Oh well... the other 300 we took on Sunday will have to suffice.

And then just two cute ones of my girls. I'm pretty biased... but they're pretty cute. Life is good being a mom to them.


  1. Angie...you make me SO happy! You are the best friend ever, I don't know why you doubt it! Thanks for giving me another glimpse into your sweet life by reading your blog, I hope you don't hold anything back since you now know I read it. I love your thoughts. :-) I miss you like crazy, I really enjoyed our time together last week...you are my soul sista!! :-)
    I love you!

  2. Angie, how have I missed this post?
    I feel the same way as you about real-life friends. I'm always sitting home bored & lonely, missing the days when I had girlfriends to hang out & laugh with constantly.
    I've tried to reach out to other women, but have given up. No one really wants to put effort into friendships anymore, it seems. Although, I have a suspicion it's most likely just my personality. ;)
    I can't imagine anyone not liking you, though. Impossible! So try to think about that.

    Anyway- I also really related to your feelings about calling people! I never call anyone except for Kelly, for the same reason you listed! (and the only reason I call Kelly is b/c she called me about 1000 times early on, so I finally figured that she must like talking to me, so I'd go ahead and start calling her, too. LOL!!)


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