Wednesday, May 24, 2006


My friend Cam had this on her blog, and being the copy-cat that I am, now it's on mine!

A is for Age - 28, but I'll be 29 in just a few weeks!

B is for Beer of choice - Uhhh... root beer? I don't drink Beer.

C is for Career - I'm lucky enough to have my dream job - I'm a stay at home mom!

D is for Dog's name - Well, his name was Obie (short for Obadiah) but he has a new home now.

E is for Essential item you use every day - Contacts

F is for Favorite Songs at the Moment - I haven't listened to much music lately...! How sad.

G is for Game you play - Scrabble (or "Literati" as it's called on Yahoo games - come play with me!)

H is for Hometown - Highlands Ranch.

I is for Instrument you play - Piano & Flute

J is for favorite Juice - Raspberry Apple

K is for Kids - Emma & Addie

L is for Living arrangement - I live in a house with my husband and two girls

M is for Mom's name - Kim

N is for Names of your last ex - Umm... this is up for debate! LOL!

O is for overnight hospital stays - Only after having my babies

P is for Phobias - Drowning, moths, mouse poop, mold

Q is for Quote you like -

R is for Regrets - Not graduating from college (my deep, dark secret!)

S is for Siblings - Two younger sisters, Amy and Abby

T is for Time you wake up - Ugh! Somewhere around 6 or earlier. How did this night owl get two early risers?

U is for Unique trait - I have a fairly vivid imagination that makes me see things much differently than others. I can find humor in just about anything!

V is for Vegetable you love - Green beans. Mmmmmmm!

W is for Worst traits - I'm one of those "late" people you all know and love.

X - is for XRays you've had - I think only my teeth at routine dental exams.

Y is for Yummy food you make - I made some mean ribs the other night!

Z is for Zodiac sign - Gemini, but I don't like or follow horoscopes so it means nothing to me.

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