Wednesday, December 01, 2010

From the Littlest

Well, hello there!

I'm Chloe.
My mommy hasn't written much on her blog in the last few months because she's been busy taking care of me. And doing a lot of this:
I think it's so funny.
When she doesn't pay attention to me, I get sad.
I'm a little high maintenance, but that's okay, right?
Because I'm too cute to resist.
You want to kiss these cheeks, don't you?


  1. Oh my heavens! That little girl is something special. I'm so glad you posted pictures of that cute face!

  2. oh my goodness, she is ADORABLE!!! I love the pictures & comentary :) She looks like Brody! What color hair do you think she is going to have?

  3. So adorable to look at! So miserable to take care of. lol! I'm glad it's you & not me, but do keep posting the pics- she's gorgeous.

  4. Chloe, you need to tell your mommy to post lots more about you, you're so cute! :)

  5. ACK! The sweetness! I'm dying over here!

    (She looks so much like a feminized Brody to me. Am I losing my mind or is that the general consensus?)

  6. Ang....she's adorable! Thanks for posting pictures, I love that I can see her in my mind better now. :-) What a cutie pie!

  7. What a cutie!! I have a little high maintenance diva on my hands myself. Darnit if they don't know how to work that smile too!

  8. yes she definitely has kissable cheeks! Great pics Ang - you have a way of capturing great moments!

  9. I smiled through every single picture. Thanks~

  10. Beautiful! And yes... I want to kiss those cheeks!

  11. What a cutie!!! I'm so glad you posted these. I've seen a few pitures here and there, but not enough to form a solid mental picture of what she looks like. As a result, my brain was beginning to fabricate one of those mix and match photos that you get if you plug a photo of yourself and a photo of Gary into an online "This is what your baby would look like" generators. I assure you, Chloe is WAY cuter than what was in the works in my own imagination. (That's not to say that you and Gary are not good looking people, it's just that no good ever comes from piecing together snippits of people's faces to form some sort of scrapbook-accident masterpiece).


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