Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The preschool buzz

Important stuff is happening in life and time just doesn't stop so I can blog it all. Ever since I re-prioritized and started feeding my kids and stuff, my blogging has taken a back burner. And if you follow my sweet cooking skillz, you know that it's a very dusty back burner, and there's nothing worse than a blog that collects dust. So here's my attempt at rescuing it from the dust bunnies and starting with a quick little story.

Disclaimer: There aren't actually dust bunnies on my back burners. Okay? That would be gross. And probably a fire hazard.

Emma started school last Friday. How cute is she with her ginormous backpack and missing tooth?

She is loving it. So far she's made two good friends, Sophie and Emma F. (she's Emma O... we knew we'd be throwing her into a world of Emmas when we named her), thinks it's really special that she has her own hook to hang her backpack and jacket on, barely says goodbye to us before running into her class, was excited to get "the kind of yogurt you squeeze" as a snack, and blushed when she told us she rode bikes with boys on the playground.

When I picked her up from class today, I asked her what she learned. She told me that if you get stung by a bee, you should wash it out with soap and water and bacon.


What are they teaching kids these days?

I think she meant baking soda. Or, make that, bakin' soda. Imagine substituting bacon for baking soda in your next batch of chocolate chip cookies. Eww.

From the sounds of it, Emma's destined to have the same culinary talents as her mama. I'm so proud.


  1. I agree...Eww!

    What sweet photos of a sweet girl heading off to school. I just love the pictures of the kiddos with their backpacks that are almost as large as they are ;-)

  2. So cute! Glad Emma is enjoying school. Olivia thinks if you wear sunscreen you won't get stung by a bee...Lily (Hil's daughter) told her that, but just in case I'll make sure we always have bacon on hand:)

  3. When did Emma start growing up? I'm SO not ready for that (as I'm sure you're not either). Backpack? First day of school picture? Riding bikes with boys?! Well, like Addie, I cried about this. I'm not ready for my Emma-doll to get BIG.

  4. Absolutely adorable!

  5. How is it possible that time is flying this fast?

    Lovely, simple post, Angie. I miss hearing these little stories from your day.

    (Although I hasten to add that I'm also trying to make my children/husband a priority over my blog/writing. *Gasp.* It's hard. But it's good.)

  6. Awww! She is so adoreable! (Lik eyou needed reminding but I cannot help it - she is!) I love beyond words that she blushed when she told you about riding bikes with the boys. And the bacon thing is priceless. That is one for the scrap books there.

  7. Like mother like daughter...On your first day of pre-school, you came home and told us that you had 'pencils and water' for snack time. We asked you teacher about it and found out you had had 'pretzels and water'. Maybe that's when your cooking skills began to develop Angie. At the tender age of four. I'm not ready for Emma to grow up either. I'm having a little deja vu right now. She reminds me so much of you when you were her age. So-o-o cute!!! I love the stories, they warm my heart more than you know.
    'Love you! Mom


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