Monday, March 20, 2006

To do... or not to do

Worked this morning... blech.
Two sick kiddos... blech.
Synchronized naptimes... HOORAY!

Things I should be doing to take advantage of this time:
  • Finishing my work project (should only take 20 minutes or so... what am I waiting for?)
  • Write a few thank you notes that are overdue
  • Upload some pics to get developed
  • Do my Bible Study
  • SCRAPBOOK - since I'm always longing to do it and complain I don't have the time
  • Make my grocery shopping list
  • Put that load of stuff into the dryer
  • Iron (I loathe ironing though)
  • Replace the batteries on Addie's swing... that she's asleep in!
Instead, I know I'll spend my time UNwisely reading blogs and catching up on my message boards. Seems like a waste of time, but it makes me happy! LOL

...and wouldn't you know it... the *thump* from upstairs tells me that Emma is NOT asleep afterall. Arghhh!! LOL... serves me right. 15 free minutes and I wrote about what I should be doing. LOL... never fails!!!! :)

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