Wednesday, March 02, 2011

wiww {3}

I'm linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy again for the "What I Wore Wednesday" challenge.
the pleated poppy blog
Do I think I dress with great style and flair? Am I a fashionista? Do I like taking pictures of myself? Um, no, no, and no. Lindsey started this as a way to get out of sweats and into real clothes. And in addition, I'm challenging myself to shower every day. (Wow, never thought I'd say that. Can I get an amen?!)

Last Wednesday
{longing for spring with a lavender scarf!}
shirt: Kohl's
scarf: Marshall's
flats: Payless
earrings: Kohl's
Brody: all mine

tank: Gap
sweater: Kohl's
jeans: Old Navy
necklace & earrings: made by my sis!

{one of my stand-by outfits}
tank: Target
zip-up cardi: Forever 21
jeans: Gap
scarf: boutique in MN
vest: Old Navy
earrings: Forever 21

{Birthday Suit}
What I was wearing was far less interesting than what these three were wearing.
hospital gown: Littleton Hospital
scrubs: Littleton Hospital
baby: fearfully and wonderfully made by God
(I know, you can't stand the cuteness! Here's more about sweet Lainey.)

{The uniform}
hat: Life Is Good, from Marshalls
tank: Old Navy
sweatshirt: Costco
jeans: Gap
shoes: Target

...and the Tuesday outfit is why I started doing this. Because most days of the week, this is what I'm wearing, except maybe substitute some yoga pants for the jeans. And you guessed it, no shower. But! I'm okay with that. Yesterday I was home with five kids (I had my niece while my sis is in the hospital with her new baby), and by the time I'd taken this picture, I'd already changed once because Chloe pooped her pants and mine. On stay-at-home, jump-on-the-trampoline, paint-some-rocks-with-water, spit-peaches-on-Mommy kind of days, this seems like the perfect uniform.

What's your "uniform" look like?


  1. I struggle getting up and dressed myself. I used to do the WIWW link ups but think I will start doing an everyday pic on my blog. I love your Kohls sweater :)

  2. Love the Kohls sweater and the baby is precious! Great necklace too!

  3. You are so darn adorable... even in your uniform. I'm ready to purge my whole closet (and I have A LOT of boutiquey clothes). Would you believe that your picutres are inspiring me (and possibly even making me reconsider shopping at Kohl's, Old Navy, etc.)? Well, they are. :) Love you, miss you!

  4. You are just too cute, Angie! And, love your necklace, your sister is talented! Congrats on becoming an Aunt again! so fun!

  5. Are you sure you have 4 kids? You are looking way too cute.


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